Thursday, December 28, 2006

Erik had about four days of good health and not needing Tylenol to be in a good mood. Then things started going downhill again. After that last tooth cut, his constant drooling stopped, but the coughing stayed and then got worse. His nose was running and he started rubbing his ear when we layed him down for a nap. So, with the holiday weekend coming up and all, Joe called the nurseline yesterday and they had me bring in Erik. The doc looked in Erik's ears. She said the left one looked good, but the right one had some cloudy, thick fluid and the bottom of the tympanic membrane was starting to get red. She wrote me a prescription and told me to fill it if he got worse.

He napped a ton in the afternoon, and when he was awake he was miserable. So I went to the pharmacy and Erik has had his first dose of amoxicillin. The pharmacist got me all worked up, telling me that nausea and diarrhea are normal on this. I had been thinking I would just have to watch for an allergic reaction, but the normal reaction sounds pretty bad to me. This is going to be a fun, fun weekend.

So today Erik was ok while home with me. Then Joe came home and fed him dinner. To be fair, it really couldn't have been handier. Erik was sitting in his highchair with a bib on, so everything came out onto the bib and the tray. And really, he needed a bath anyway. I'm just wondering, is this the beginning of a ten day trend, or a one time occurance?

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Jonathan Rundman said...

Hey Anne,

So sorry to hear about poor Erik! Sounds like he's doing better. Looking forward to seeing y'all this week. I've got a link to your blog from my new blog location at

You were right, blogging via Blogger is easy and awesome! Down with MySpace!