Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

PeaceErik's first Christmas present

Reading "Funny Face"

Erik discovers his inner pianist

Erik's first Christmas was as wonderful as we hoped. My parents dove into town on Thursday during the one day of bad weather we've had recently. They got stuck in the ice driving up the ramp between 394 and 100. We were very happy to see them arrive. Saturday my Grampa and uncle Gary flew into town from Bismarck. We were delighted to see them and Erik had lots of fun playing with his relatives. He has been on a kick of being extremely well behaved in church and Christmas Eve was no exception. He got a noise maker during the children's sermon that he was supposed to use during specific parts of the service, but he mostly just chewed on it. The teething marathon seems to be over. We've had two nights of fantastic sleep and our happy boy is back, even without the help of Motrin. He's still a drooling machine, though. You may notice that many of his photos include a bib. We rarely or never had to bib him as a newborn but now he soaks through his tops so we leave a bib on him whenever we remember.

Erik is blessed with many loving friends and relatives who gave him lovely clothes, delicious books and fun toys for Christmas.

It was so nice to be home for Christmas and avoid the traditional Christmas APB.

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