Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fun and games

Erik is up to all sorts of fun now. Yesterday we had a great day and played three new games. I built a tower out of his stacking cups and he knocked it down, because knocking down towers is one of his favorite things. So then I said, "I didn't knock down that tower, you did" and I poked him in the tummy. He laughed so hard, you would have thought I was Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. So I did it again and again and again. He just laughed and laughed these huge belly laughs. I tried to call Joe so he could hear, but Erik is too interested in the phone, he became distracted and didn't use his whole belly for the laughs.

Then later he started blowing raspberries. So I tried making the sound when he had been just plain babbling, and he imitated me! We did that back and forth for a while. This may be the first clear vocal imitation I've heard him do. Maybe. So we did that off and on throughout the day.

Lastly, we were playing with Erik's new house. Earlier I had opened the window and played peek-a-book with him through it. He loved that. Then he opened the door and was on the opposite side of the door from me. He stuck his hand through the door pane and I pretended to eat his fingers. He loved this and repeatedly stuck his hand out for me to eat. He then stuck his hand out, and when I moved to eat it, withdrew his hand and laughed at me! He tricked me and played a game on me!

Everyday is a new adventure for Erik and he is always learning new ways to interact with his world.

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