Sunday, June 04, 2006

Just the three of us

Ah, normalcy. After an exciting two weeks of non-stop family fun, it is now back to normal in our house. Erik's Grandma Lois was here for four days, cooking, cleaning and doting on Erik. Then we loaded up the car for Erik's first trip out of state. We made our usual pit stop at the Alexandria Wendy's, only to find they have no changing tables in their restrooms. If Dave Thomas were alive, I would write him a letter about this, as he seemed like the kind of guy who would want changing tables in the restrooms of his restaurants. Fortunately, we do not have to swear off all further stops at the Alex Wendy's, since the neighboring Holiday station does have changing tables. Whew.

We spent some time in Oakes and some time at Great-Uncle Linn's lake cabin where Erik renewed his aquaintence with his Great-Grandparents Lindell, and met his Great-Grandma Vig. This was Erik's first time at a lake, however, he was not allowed to go for a pontoon ride yet. A guy needs something to look forward to, right? We then headed east to the greater Wyndmere area to meet Great-Grampa Adin and Great-Uncle Gary. We took the opportunity to begin to tell Erik stories about how wonderful a woman was his Great-Grandma Doris.

This week Joe had to put in about 80 hours at work so the company and assistance of Mormor and Morfar were much appreciated. Mormor's fresh eyes were able to point out Erik's many new skills which I would be writing about in his baby book if I weren't so lazy. Let me record here that Erik is now smiling and gasping (which feels like laughing even if it isn't), looking at pictures and toys hanging near him (instead of staring at shadows and walls all the time) and is able to grasp things such as his mama's & papa's shirts. Skills I wouldn't write in the baby book include fussing when he should be staring happily at his loving family members and squalking when he should be napping. On the plus side, he has shown us he is able to go five hours between night feeds, so someday when mama doesn't have insomnia she will be able to sleep for four hours at a time.

Many thanks to all the grandparents who helped us in the last couple weeks. I'm working on uploading some photos...

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