Friday, June 16, 2006


My Uncle Harald and Aunt Ronnaug arrived from Oslo today. They came to be part of Erik's baptism, which is Sunday. They will be sponsors for Erik, as will our friends Jonathan and Dawn Rundman. Tomorrow there will be an exodus from North and South Dakota as all of Erik's relatives drive to Minnesota for his baptism. Erik will be wearing the baptismal gown that Jon and I wore as infants. It's very long so I guess I'll have to dress him at the church, I think it would not work well in a car seat! Erik will be wrapped in a newly quilted blanket made from his Grandma Lois' wedding gown fabric and lace. It's about time he learns that people in his family don't throw things away, they just pass them on to the next generation! What a great tradition.

Here's how Erik sleeps when my mom the baby whisperer is around. We're counting down the days until my dad retires and they move up here! (That's 790.)

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