Thursday, June 08, 2006

Getting into the swing of things

Things are hoping around here this week! We drove over to the home of some new friends from our parent & child class and went for a walk. It was great because they have a three month old. We had agreed to meet at 7 for our walk. When we got there, Erika & Matt needed to change Brooke's diaper and we needed to feed Erik! That's why I love planning things with other new parents, they understand when we need to scrap the schedule.

Erik has once again put himself on a feeding schedule. The time between midnight and 8 am is quite variable but from 8 am to midnight he's quite predictable. That's if I'm paying attention. It makes it easier to plan for evening activities. Tonight and tomorrow I will be apart from Erik for a couple hours, but I'm much calmer knowing it's very likely he'll eat at 4:30, 7 and 9. That way I know I can feed him at 4:30, Joe can give him a bottle at 7 and I'll try to be home by 9. If Erik wasn't so predictable it would a lot harder for me to be away.

The other night Erik once again broke his record and went from 9 pm to 3 am between feedings. It was a one night thing, but he's moving in the right direction!

We started using cloth diapers during the day. It's going really well. I think Erik likes the feel of them on his bottom (when they are clean). He seems to fuss a little less when I change him. However, we have found him fussing when his diaper is full which he didn't used to do. This is also good since we appreciate any clues on his diaper status. Joe is very excited about the cloth diapers and so is our chief diaper washer. Very nice for me!

Still having trouble getting pictures on here, which I know is the main reason most of you are reading! Sorry.

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