Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Erik is growing and changing

Erik is in general a very sweet and predictable baby. Last week he went through what for him was a fussy stage. Then again on Saturday he was fussy. I think it was worth it though, as he seems to have made a little developmental leap. Most importantly for me, he's sleeping better. At night when I lay him in his crib he pretty much goes right to sleep now with no need to be walked back and forth first. Even better, he's going longer stretches between feedings. Last night he ate at 11, 2:45, and 5:30. That means more sleep for mama!

On Saturday, at various times through the day Joe & I were each playing with Erik, making faces and singing songs. We both think he can smile in response to us now. In other charming developments Erik started cooing yesterday or today, and is able to entertain himself in his crib for a few minutes also as of yesterday or today. I told Joe to remind me next time Erik is going through a fussy stage that it will be exciting to see what he's like in a few days. However, as Joe was saying this morning, it's also a little sad when he changes because he's not a newborn anymore. But mostly it's exciting. Especially the sleeping!

Erik is currently resting up in anticipation of his Grandmama L coming to visit in a few hours!

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