Sunday, May 21, 2006

Erik the Napper

Erik had a busy morning. We gave him a bath, his most involved to date. His first baths were sponge baths, which he hated. Once his umbilical stump fell off and we could give him baths with water he was more cheerful about the process. Now his extra layer of skin is peeling on his scalp so we have to be diligent about scrubbing it off with a comb or brush. So we put some oil in his hair and rubbed it around before washing it off with soapy water. This enraged him. Fortunately, we then drove to church so he fell asleep. He's been asleep now for three hours. He's just starting to wake and will probably wake fully and demand to be fed just about the time Joe's done cooking the Chicken Marsala.


mormor said...

Hi, what a cute little grandson we have. Can't wait to see him next week. Mormor and Morfar

Paul & Lois said...

10:30 PM Monday.
Just returned from Fargo, Made our day to see Erik the Red. Grandma just brought in her suitcase from the truck and is now packing it to leave at 6:30 AM tomorrow to come and see you guys. Should arrive before noon.
I am looking forward to "my chance"
to hold my favorite little guy Friday.
Love, Grandpa L