Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Forever and ever

Erik has been very affectionate this evening. It's nice to get a break from "I'm not your friend anymore" and hear, "I know one thing that will never change. I'll always love you"!

Last week Erik's preschool had a Pizza Night. We watched a little Clifford DVD before we left and I paused it when it was time to go, telling him we could watch more after the pizza party. We enjoyed our pizza and cookie, then went up to the gym to run around a bit. After a while, Adin kept making a break for it, and it was about five minutes before it was time to go, anyway. So I told Erik we were leaving. He was very upset. I reminded him about the DVD and told him we could have a popsicle while we watched. He calmed down and came down the hallway, but he told me, "I have three feelings." I asked what he was feeling. "I'm mad, and sad, and happy."

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