Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bedtime Theology

I know who else is with me...I'm not scared of Him.

After brushing his teeth, Erik climbed into bed and requested some stories from the Bible. We've worked our way up to reading about Solomon building the temple, and Elijah telling the widow God would make her flour and oil last to make more bread. Erik had some questions about how all that worked, of course. He wasn't familiar with the idea of God living in a building on earth so he thought the temple must be in heaven. And he wasn't sure how God could help the widow make more bread. We agreed that God was pretty amazing. Then Erik said, "I think God lets us do the easy part."

So then we said some prayers. We thanked God for lots of things, said God was amazing, I told God I was sorry for being grumpy today [and was just a little disappointed Erik didn't follow my lead and apologize for his temper tantrums]. Then we said Amen. Then Erik said, "Thank you, God, for making Sesame Street."

He wanted me to stay for a couple minutes as he tried to fall asleep. As he became sillier I left and he wailed, "I don't like to be alone." I came back in and explained I was still here, just on the other side of the door. He said, "And I know who else is with me. God. And I'm not scared of Him!" [I think in some Bible stories we'd read earlier this week, the people were scared by their encounters with God.]

I'm definitely enjoying this age of God being very easy to talk about.

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Beth said...

Your story reminds me of one of our all-time favorite Sam stories -- I needed to take baby Robbie to the doctor for a wellness check and 2 year old Sam didn't want to go. I explained that I wasn't allowed to leave him alone at home, so he didn't have a choice. He responded, "Mom, it's okay, God is with me, so I can stay home with Him."