Monday, September 28, 2015

Amazing Grace

The kids worked on playing Amazing Grace as a duet on the piano this summer.  It was quite hard.  They can each play their part easily, but playing together takes a lot of focus.  They played at church in August.  One of the benefits of belonging to a very small church is that almost anything goes.  I emailed the music director on Friday or Saturday about them playing and she said, sure!  At this time, they do not like playing the duet for people, so I'm posting this video of them playing on Saturday for their piano teacher.  Before lessons when they practiced, it was perfect.  In the video it is not, however it's impressive to me how they listen and wait for each other.

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Anne said...

FYI, the scream in the background at the beginning is the teacher's one year old daughter who is in the hallway.