Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon

Last night was the very special eclipse that won't come again until 2033, or something.  The moon is the closest it gets to the earth, there was an eclipse and it was reddish because science.  We were super fortunate that this occurred between 8-10 pm, and the sky here was clear.  The kids changed into their pjs around 8 and came out to see how big and bright the moon was.  We looked at it for a while through Joe's binoculars.  The neighbors across the street had a motion detector light shining at us so I wanted to go across the street to the park.  We walked over there and had a nice view from the t-ball bleachers.  The kids climbed the chain link fence behind the t-ball field so they could be closer to the moon and see it better.  We walked home again and watched some more from our yard and our neighbor's yard, who is conveniently out of town.  The temperature was quite mild, so we could all drift into and out of the house with no worries about coats or air conditioning.  The kids watched until the moon was about half covered, then went in and finished getting ready for bed.  At nine I came and brought them out so they could see the moon almost completely covered and looking reddish.  They thought it was very cool and since it was so late they were extremely silly.  We laid on our backs in the grass and watched it for about a while and then they went back to bed.  It was a little hard to for them to wake up this morning, but they slept in a little bit and I'm sure there will be lots of other kids at school in the same boat.

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