Monday, July 13, 2015

summer of 7 & 9 year olds

Watching kids grow up is so bittersweet.  How strange that the things that drove me crazy about when they were younger I now feel wistful about .  I'm working six days this month, so I signed them up for a playground drop in program.  The first two years Erik was eligible he hated going and I only got him there a couple times per summer.  Last year they could both go and I just signed them up for afternoons.  That went ok, they were willing to go.  This year they have been pretty excited about it.  They want to be there right when it opens at 9 even though because of my work schedule they have to stay until 12.  Today Erik thought it was a bit boring, but he doesn't put up a fuss when I tell him which days he's going.  The only thing that frustrated him today was that he really wants to go to the Minions movie that just opened and was begging to go and we just didn't really have time.  I told him we can go in a couple days, but he was pretty persistent in his pleading.

They have both been in soccer this summer.  Erik really loved it, especially once his good friend was transferred onto his team.  Sometimes he was a little down about going to practice but he was a pretty good sport.  It didn't seem to bother him that they lost most of their games.  Adin has not been too excited about soccer.  I am surprised, because I know he played in gym, recess and after school child care during the school year and enjoyed it.

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