Wednesday, August 01, 2012

When was that?

At bedtime tonight, I asked Adin if Joe had given him Melatonin at bedtime.  We call it 'sleepy medicine', and it made him start thinking about medicine.  The kids and I were knocked out by a virus last week.  We had fevers and there was a lot of ibuprofen going down.  Adin asked if he needed any 'purple medicine'.  I told him that was just for when he had a fever and he didn't have one anymore.  He thought for a while and told me, "Papa gave it to me yesterday, and the day after yesterday, and the day before the day after yesterday."  That made me laugh out loud!

The kids have enjoyed watching a little Olympics now and then.  This morning Erik had the idea to have a Kids Olympics.  Our ten year old neighbor came over and participated, and before he had to leave we had a Medal Ceremony.  I awarded Adin a gold medal in the U(nder) 6 Division, Erik a medal for the U10 Division and the neighbor a medal for the U16 division.  We played the National Anthem on the computer.  Afterward, Adin told me, "You're the best Mama in the U40 Division."  He doesn't realize how good that makes me feel!  Then he said Joe is the best Papa in the U40 Division.

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