Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pictures from Norway, part 1

 We had a hotel room in Oslo, and often went down to Frogner Park to play on what we like to think of as the world's largest playground.  In this picture, I decided we needed to splurge on some ice cream cones, too.
 Part of Frogner Park is a section called Vigeland Park, full of statues that represent the phases of life.  We like to act out ones that are appropriate for our life stage.  Well, my parents and Joe and I like to do that.  The kids are not particularly cooperative.  We thought this one would be perfect for Erik and Adin, but it was too much to coordinate.  So, you see Joe acting it out and probably the boys are wrestling, but I like to pretend they are hugging. 
 Erik worked on a loose tooth the whole time we were there and finally pulled it out on our last full day! 
We were able to make one trip out to see Bestemor.  She was in fine form, making us waffles and setting the table with all kinds of yummy things to eat.

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Mormor/Gayle said...

This is a lovely picture we all
will treasure.