Monday, April 09, 2012

Online scrapbook

Erik has begun to work on little reports for the themes from school. They are so adorable I want to share them. Last month he made one about Symbols of America.

Today he brought home a booklet about Mexico. For the cover he made a flag of Mexico.

On the first page he colored in the flag and it says La Bandera - The Flag. Los colores de la bandera de Mexico son rojo blanco verde. The colors of the Mexican flag are red, white, green.

I won't be able to get the formatting right for this post, to get the text to line up with the proper picture. Oh well. On the next page he colored a Mapa de Mexico - Map of Mexico. It shows four types of terrain that can be found in Mexico. Voy a la playa y a la jungla. I go to the beach and the jungle. (He didn't pick the desert or mountains.)

Next is La comida - food. El taco - taco, la pina - pineapple, las uvas - grapes, el maiz - corn, el queso - cheese, and el pan - bread.

The next page is Mi maleta - my suitcase. En mi maleta tengo ropa, la gorra la camida. In my suitcase I have clothes, a cap, food. (!)

There was a final page that I couldn't upload. It showed different ways to travel to Mexico, train, bike, boat, plane and car. He chose to travel via el barco, boat.
I'm so proud of him!


mormor said...

It's amazing how fast he's learning
Spanish and maybe some day he'll
speak 3 languages if we get going
on our Norsk. He's a fine boy and
we love him

Karen said...

Bravo, bien hecho!