Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Erik is six!

Happy birthday to my sweet Erik! We had all the boys from his class over on Sunday for a party. We intended to have his party at a playground, but weather didn't cooperate. Everyone came but one. Grandma Lois was here to help wrangle boys, which was good, because they were pretty much all completely crazy. It was like having 12 puppies in the house. One great gift related thing happened during the party. Erik's been wanting a Captain America shield that shoots foam disks. Well, he received two, and decided to give one to Adin. So they had lots of fun running around shooting those disks in the yard before the rain started. Although the Kindergarteners were full of energy, they were actually pretty sweet a lot of the time. They kept calling each other "Buddy" and gave each other high fives.

We gave Erik a scooter today, he was pretty excited. He also received a microscope and a light saber! My parents came over for pizza and cake tonight.

Lucky boy.

Tomorrow we get to do it all for Adin. Except not the 12 puppies part.


Zelda said...

I like the "Buddy" and high five
part. It sounds like a Spanish
Immersion Fraternity. Hope they
can all remain friends for a long

mormor said...

And Adin is 4!!

Unknown said...

It was a fabulous party!