Saturday, April 07, 2012


Tonight Joe gave the boys a bath, and Adin was mildly traumatized by some water going in his face, mouth and ear. He was all clean, so Joe got him out of the tub and wrapped him in a towel. I came and brought him to the couch to snuggle. He cried a little for a couple minutes and then like a flipped switch he started to laugh about something. He decided he wanted to draw a picture of himself naked. So he got to work and soon Erik joined him. Erik asked if Adin would be drawing his belly button. "No. Not my belly button and not my penis either." Such modesty. He did end up drawing a giant purple belly button, three eyes, six arms and six legs, enormous ears and hair standing straight up almost as long as his legs. Now that I look at it again, maybe the boy in the drawing has two eyes and a nose. I'd have to ask Adin tomorrow.

The other drawing is one Erik did. I find it hilarious. He drew it as a Get Well card, as far as we can tell. Not sure what the sentiment is. "Get well or you'll end up like this guy" maybe.

As long as I'm writing about Adin, he asked me the other day if I went to Russia while I was pregnant with him. ?!? Nope, I've never been to Russia at anytime. Today he asked where he was when I was a little girl. I said I didn't know. Erik thought Adin was in heaven, but he wasn't sure.

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