Monday, April 19, 2010


Oh dear, the boys are always up to some cuteness, but by evening, I can't remember what it was! I shall do my best to remember. Erik has been very interested in telling jokes lately, so Adin has picked one of them and will attempt to tell it. Tonight I was laying on the floor next to Adin's bed and he told me his joke about two eggs about 2 dozen times. Then he went to his next routine, asking me how old each person in the family is: what your number mama? what my number, mama? what papa's number, mama?, etc. Then he started in on: what your name, mama? what papa's name, mama? By the time he got to, "what Adin's name, mama?" my patience was worn a little thin. So I said, "robert". He must have thought I misunderstood. There was a long pause and he asked again. This time I said, "susan." Since Susan is his aunt's name, he must have thought I was confused. He said, "what you talking about, mama? no, not Susan. Not Susan, mama." I don't know if this story will be funny for other people, but it made me laugh!

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