Sunday, March 28, 2010

March of the Penguin

We got tickets to the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast this morning. Each kid gets a raffle ticket and every now and then someone reads off ticket numbers. When your number is called, you can go up to the stage and choose a stuffed animal. Adin chose a patchwork elephant, Erik chose a penguin. He named his penguin "Penguinologist", but told me I could call him Penguin for short. He has been talking to his penguin and showing him around the house. We all went downstairs and Erik asked if Penguinologist could watch a show on the computer. Joe found "March of the Penguins". Once it started showing the landscape, Penguin said it looked like home. Then the penguins appeared. Erik started gently sobbing because Penguin missed his home and friends. Joe has offered to turn it off but Erik says it's more fun than sad. I suggested Penguin was excited to take this trip to Minnesota, but Erik says he still misses his home and friends. He's been crying for 5 or 10 minutes. Part of me thinks it's very sweet, part of me thinks it's hilarious.

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Gayle said...

Uff--it's tough to be little and sad.
Jon cried every year when the Christmas specials were over--like Charlie Brown and Rudolph. I tried to convince him they would be on again, year after year. Maybe, if Erik really thinks his penguin misses his home, you could find some other little penguins at a 2nd hand store--or if you still had snow, you could set him in a snow bank. I'm going to look in your box of stuffed animals and see if there are any penguin friends for Penguinologist!