Sunday, April 25, 2010

Figuring out the world

Adin has been asking us the same questions over and over. "What your name, Mama? What my name, Mama? What Erik's name, Mama?" etc. The other one is, "What your number, Mama? [how old are you] What my number, Mama? What Papa's number, Mama?" Today he was sitting in his high chair eating oatmeal. My mom walked by and he said, "I'm Adin Lindell!"

Erik has always been vehemently anti-bandage. He refused to cover even the bloodiest scrapes. I think he associated band-aids with the pain from getting a shot and twisted it to think that if I put a band-aid on him, it would hurt. Earlier this week he scraped his knee and it didn't seem to bother him for the first couple days. Friday night he was having trouble falling asleep and said his knee hurt. I offered him some Tylenol, which he accepted. Then he asked for a band-aid! I couldn't believe it. Saturday morning the band-aid got wet during swim lessons so he asked for a new one. Tonight before bed he commented on how his owie was getting better. I said I thought it was because of the band-aids, and he agreed!

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