Monday, May 25, 2009

Good night, world

Joe worked this evening so I did the bedtime routine alone with both boys. I got them in pjs, teeth brushed and we read a book in Erik's room. Then I told Erik he could look at a book by himself while I gave Adin milk. Adin heard that and went to Erik's door to open it. I picked him up and he tried to sign "milk". Then we went to the window waved goodnight to the world and he pointed to the shade and said "down" (sort of). I pulled down the shade and we went to the rocking chair and he was excitedly signing "milk" and saying "down". It was so fun to hear and see such clear understanding of his bedtime routine.

He points to things (like a cup) and points to himself as if to say, that's mine. We have a picture of him on the hutch at my eye level which is his eye level when I carry him. He likes it when we walk by, he'll point to it and want to hold the picture. It's very cute.

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Flor said...

Well, about the skull fracture...i called his doctor's office right away, and was told that i should take him to the ER. There, the MD told me that he "looked" good, and if i wanted to have a CAT scan done on him, I could (this was after the whole Natasha Richardson skiing accident). So I went ahead, just to be on the safe side. When he came back with the results, he said we had to go to the trauma center because he had a skull fracture. My jaw dropped and i started sobbing. I could not believe it. They kept him at the other hospital overnight, just to monitor him. My poor baby!