Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Erik update

Erik had a tough week a couple weeks ago but he seems to have come through to a new level of play. He does a ton of imaginative play during Adin's naps. Usually, we get out the moon sand and he bakes cakes. Today he gathered up random stuff he could find and took a trip to Canada to go fishing! He put on Joe's fishing hat, and used my scarf as a fishing pole. He talked about how he had to travel to get there. We discussed bait (worms vs. minnows). He used an unopened pack of diapers for a variety of purposes; most memorably it was a dancing seat, just in case he wanted to dance.

Sometimes we go outside and garden. He uses a pointy bulb planter and pretends it's a jackhammer. Yesterday he discovered how to open the screen door by himself and he was in and out a dozen times fetching things. He has become more willing to help and will get me a bucket for weeds or a nuk for Adin. He will sometimes put away silverware out of the dishwasher.

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