Monday, May 18, 2009

Super day

We had a great day today. The kids and I went to the YMCA first thing. I was there about 20 minutes and the childcare worker had to come get me b/c Erik needed help on the potty and Adin needed a new diaper. I took care of all that, and Adin just looked so tired I decided we'd just go home.

Adin took a long, fabulous nap. Erik and I played with moon sand, not a good thing to play with when Adin is awake. We had a quick bite to eat and then met some friends at a playground. These were friends from Barnehage, which ended last week. We were supposed to meet at 10, but due to napping and lunch we arrived at 11:30! Luckily, there were still a few people there. The kids had so much fun we just stayed for an hour and a half!

On the way home, they were hungry so I poured some fish crackers into Erik's cup holder and told him to pass one to Adin when he held out his hand. That was fun to see out of the corner of my eye & in the rear view mirror.

Back home, we played in the back yard for about a half hour and ate apples. Then naptime! It just feels like it's been an idyllic day. Which is good, because sometimes the days feel more nightmarish! But I don't post about those!

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Lois said...

Sounds like a treasure of a day!