Sunday, February 08, 2009

Potty update

Erik went a week in underwear at night with no accidents! Then he had two nights in a row last week where he woke up wet. Then we put him in a diaper the next night and it was dry in the morning! I know we've been extremely lucky with training him, it's kind of hard to decide now what to do at night.

We went to a Macalester/Augsburg basketball game yesterday. Erik and I spent most of the time walking around the new athletic bldg. We looked in the natatorium (swimming pool), the weight room, and ran around the track. It was fun to see how excited he was about running 50 or 100 yards and how fast he thought he was. I showed him how to do a handoff for a relay race and we did 100 yard relays. We watched some men practice throwing, running and catching frisbees.

Erik worked really hard at being quiet today in church. Everything about him is physical, he taps his feet to the music, would like nothing better than to touch all the instruments, microphones, the water, bread and wine or juice. We had another church member give positive feedback after church this week. Last week the woman we sat with said we could sit with her anytime, she loved kids. This week the man who was doing the communion prep commented on how much fun it was to watch Erik. I really appreciate comments like these. We do get the occasional indirectly negative comment and the positive ones are definitely treasured.

Adin is a solid cruiser. Friday he was watching Erik take a bath and he let go of the side of the tub and stood on his own for half a minute! I had my hands out to catch him if necessary, but he was rock solid. He loves his own baths now that he can sit with Erik. He splashes away and does not seem to mind having his hair washed. When he's done he lets us know by trying to get out of the tub so we have to keep our eyes peeled!

Adin will imitate lots of sounds and gestures now. I wouldn't imagine it'll be too long before we hear his first true word! He says "dada" all the time but indiscriminately. I've heard him say "mama" and he often says things that sound like words - hi, all done, Erik. This is an exciting time. He can do so many fun things and is on the cusp of doing so many more.

He drives Erik crazy when they are playing. He wants what Erik has, Erik wants what Adin has, it's frustrating. I often hear Erik ask, "Don't you know this is my special book [or toy]"? As in, 'you can play with the other books, but not this one'. When one is napping and the other is awake, it isn't long before Adin is crawling to the door of Erik's room, or Erik wants to go upstairs and wake up Adin. They really miss each other when they aren't together!

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