Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny Erik

This morning, out of the blue, Erik started yelling at Adin, "grow up! Grow up right now! Don't be a baby anymore! Stop saying baby words!"

We made corn meal muffins and as he stirred he said he wanted to be a baker when he grows up.

I was feeding Adin and heard Erik singing to himself in the blue room. I couldn't understand the words. Then he asked if I knew the song. I said "no". He came over to me with the worship bulletin from yesterday and asked if I could sing the song. He'd been making up a song to go along with the one printed on the front.

At dinner, Erik asked if Joe and I thought God was a mixer. I said "no, why?" "Because he mixed up the words the people tried to say" [in the Tower of Babel story]. I said, "oh like a cement mixer" and said he thought God was a word mixer.

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Lois said...

Great Grandma V thought this was a pretty incredible post and was glad you had written these things down for later reference!