Sunday, February 01, 2009

Last night I was helping Erik get ready for bed and listing what we would do next: brush teeth, put on diaper, pajamas,... Erik said he wanted to go to bed like I do. Huh? Wearing underwear! So he wore underwear to bed and slept through the night, no accidents! Tonight he asked for a diaper. Which is good, I bought a big box of nighttime diapers a week ago and would have been annoyed if they went to waste.

Adin had his nine month check up on Friday. I can't believe it. He weighed 19 pounds, 7 ounces (25th percentile) and was 30 inches long (90th percentile). The questionnaire I filled out asked if he played Peek a boo or Pat a cake. We play those and he enjoys them, but I didn't think he played them himself. However I checked when we got home, and he does! He'll cover his face with a lovey to play Peek a boo (so cute) and he'll clap his hands and raise them up high for Pat a cake! Today he was imitating me when I said the "p" sound and we often hear him say things that sound like real words.

I have more videos to post but I can't find them on the computer!


Anonymous said...

I always think nine months is such a big milestone ... after all, he's now been outside in the world for as long as he was inside percolating. :) or roughly so ...

We continue to have NO forward progress in potty training. I try to remember it WILL happen. There's always summer and the thrills of going diaperless!! What's amusing is to hear Robbie talk about it all and rationalize not using the potty. "I use the potty a little, but not a lot. I'm kind of a big boy, but also kind of not. So it's okay."

fkgrls said...

Oh boy. I wish potty training was so easy for us!! Of all the things I worry about with this new baby; potty training and constipation are so high on the list! Glad this has been so easy for all of you. And night time dry too!! Golly.

Can't you some how stop them from growing anymore until we can get back up there??? They are both SO grown up (almost as big as Bob!)