Monday, December 29, 2008

more crawling!

This morning I learned how to make Adin crawl. I was feeding him some lunch and Erik complained that the electronic keyboard wouldn't work. Adin and I joined Erik in the living room and I plugged in the keyboard. He played for a while and I wanted to teach him a little song. So I put stickers on the three keys needed and prompted him. Blue, green, clock. Blue, green, clock. Green, blue, green, clock, blue, blue. That was fun but then I realized I actually have alphabet stickers. By the time I came back with them, Adin had crawled over to play piano too. This did not make Erik happy. I told him he'd had a turn, now it was Adin's turn, and after I switched the stickers it would be Erik's turn again. Then when it was Erik's turn I moved Adin back about five feet. He crawled back again and again! It was fun. Today he was crawling with two hands and a knee.

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