Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Erik the scientist

Before Erik was born I read somewhere or heard on the radio a story about babies being little scientists exploring and learning about the world. So when they drop a spoon on the floor 100 times, they are conducting an experiment. Erik pours so much energy into observing the people around him sometimes. I really notice it when he's observing kids in a group, what are they doing, can I do that too? But sometimes he does it with me. This morning he asked to go outside to play. So he put on his snowsuit, boots, hat and mittens and played while Adin & I watched through the window. It's quite icy and he loved sliding around. Then he wanted to come in but didn't want to walk on the ice anymore. So I put on boots and came out to get him. When I came to the house I tapped each boot against the frame of the door to get snow off the boots, then I stepped inside and wiped them on the mat. And what do you know, Erik tried to tap his boots on the door frame and then wipe them on the mat! I never would have asked him to do that and he just noticed and did it himself!

If only that level of mental energy could be sustained throughout the day. Unfortunately, he mostly begs to watch tv. It's a definite temptation for me when he does that. I wouldn't mind sitting around all day, watching educational cartoons on PBS.

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