Saturday, December 06, 2008

Adin's visit to the ophthamologist

I took Adin to the ophthamologist yesterday, to make sure his torticollis isn't caused by a problem with his vision. We saw three different people. A woman interviewed me briefly then took a look at Adin. She shined a light in his eyes, then held up some sort of prism in front of one eye while shining a light. She showed him big cards with a small hole in the middle. On each card, to one side of the hole there was a square of stripes. The stripes on the cards became less and less distinctly colored (from black and white to grey and white). She played a video on the far wall and looked at Adin's eyes while he watched. She made me tilt him 45 degrees each direction. Then she put a bunch of drops in his eyes and sent us to the lobby to hang out for a half hour.

If you are ever designing your own vision clinic, please keep the lighting in the lobby dim if you plan to send people with dilated eyes to wait there.

We were called back and a man looked into Adin's eyes, then held up some different lenses in front of them. He left, Adin fell asleep in my arms, then the actual ophthamologist came in. I actually forget now if he did any tests himself or just talked with me about the results. He said Adin looked great. He is tracking ok, his visual acuity is fine, he's farsighted (as babies are supposed to be). Everything looked good and he doesn't need a vision check until his three year old well-child visit! Yay! I'm not surprised to hear that everything was fine, but it is a relief.

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