Monday, September 15, 2008

Erik's Imaginings

Erik's been imagining things a lot recently. Joe washed a quilt and when he pulled it out of the dryer he wrapped up Erik in it. Erik really adored that and set up a little space with the quilt on the floor, his pillow, nuk & lovey, and then he went and got two stuffed animals. He told me the small monkey was Mormor and the large bear was Morfar. He talked with them, went and got a piano and played a concert for them and kept asking me who each one was. He's continued to pretend the animals are Mormor and Morfar and plays with them and asks them if he can go to their house.

Last night at bedtime, I was reading Erik this book called "Baby Brother". The text of the book is a letter to a grandma, telling about the girl's cat. She had a big belly for a few weeks, then wanted to get into boxes all day, then had kittens. In the pictures, you can see a parallel story about how the girl's mother is pregnant and has a baby the same night as the cat. The last page is "P.S. I have a new baby brother." Erik wanted me to read it to him several times and kept asking why the cat was doing this and that. I tried to explain about her wanting to protect the kittens by having them in a contained area. So then he wanted to pretend that his sock bin was his box and the socks were his kittens! Joe was the neighbor's dog who he had to protect the kittens from. It was so cute!

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Beth said...

I just logged on to my library account and requested the Baby Brother book. Sounds like a good one!

Sweet stories! I love watching those pretend skills develop. Robbie's quite involved in his pretend worlds, but I have a hard time following what's going on - he has some speech issues. Someday I'll have time to figure out exactly what they are.