Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a 1st for Adin

ok. if you enlarge this a lot, you can barely see Adin's 1st tooth! it erupted yesterday. I'm hoping he goes back to being all happy, all the time now. I know that's pretty unlikely, but hey, it could happen!

It's funny how hard it is to get a smiley picture. He'll be smiling and interacting with me, but I hold up the camera and his attention is diverted. Then if I get him smiling again, once the red eye comes on he gets his deer in the headlights look. Then if I can get him smiling yet again, when I take the picture I usually only get about half his face! So treasure these good pictures, they take a lot of work.

Adin seems to have caught Erik's cold. He has a runny nose, goopy eyes, and he sneezes and coughs a lot. Erik caught his first cold at 2 months, so I'm very thankful that Adin made it to 5 mos.

Adin's a lot of fun now. He'll reach for and play with cloths and soft toys. He will roll off his tummy and laugh at his own cleverness at escaping tummy time. He will sit with some propping or sit in my lap. That has to be fun for him. When I lay him down again, he strains so hard to sit up! He lifts his head and shoulders off the ground, and his feet and legs too.

I enjoy comparing where he is now with where he was a year ago. Wow! It's pretty amazing.

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Andrea said...

I know what you mean about the smile pictures. As soon as we get the camera or video camera out there is no way to capture what we wanted. I'll have to get Ray to update our blog a bit - we don't have any teeth yet, just lots of rolling...