Sunday, August 17, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame


Joe decided to take Erik to the Twins game today. Erik was very excited about taking the bus. I walked with them to the busstop, then decided I was jealous and decided to go along.


Erik enjoyed looking out the windows at all the exciting things Minneapolis has to offer. He was looking for the bike trail in this picture. I believe we are stopped on a bridge and the trail passes underneath.


We started off in the lower rows of the upper deck. It was a well attended game, and there were people on all sides of us. It was too hard for Erik to keep from kicking the people in front of us, or walking around, so he and I went up, up, up to the top of the stands. He had lots of fun walking around up there, looking for the number two on seats, banging on seats, and doing the wave.


As usual, Adin was pretty chill about the whole day. He was happy just hanging out, taking in his first Twins game.

Erik was ready to go home in about the sixth inning but hung in there till the top of the eighth. On the bus ride home, the woman sitting across from us started talking to us about the game. He asked me if she wanted to get off the bus (like he did). I said I didn't know. He said maybe he should ask her. So he did! She said she was getting off soon. It was fun to see him feel comfortable interacting with strangers.

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Joe Lindell said...

Those kids are just flat-out adorable!