Friday, August 22, 2008


Tonight during a re-putting Erik to bed, he was kneeling by the bed with his head resting on the bed. I suggested we say our prayers and thanked God for a bunch of stuff. Then Erik said he had one. "Dear God, thank you for Adin."

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Beth said...

What a beautiful moment! I'm glad you memorialized it on the blog.

We had one today too - we were at McDonalds (Star Wars toys in the happy meals, how can we resist?!?!) They had a planet on the happy meal that said, "Punch out this planet and give half to your best friend." Sam punched his out and gave half to Robbie. Mat asked Robbie, "Who is your best friend?" And Robbie said, "Sam is my best friend." and handed Sam half of his planet. These are the moments we have to hold on to, right? Of course, you may not have had many of the other moments since Adin may not yet be getting out Erik's toys and refusing to share them ...

Thanks for your supportive comments on the blog - I do appreciate them!