Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nine Month Pictures

My mom is visiting. She has disliked our kitchen curtains for the four years we have owned our house. Probably because they were so plain and didn't go with the walls. So this visit we went to Target to look for some new ones. The problem is that the ones at Target are much bigger than my windows, plus they cost $30 per panel. That seems like a lot of money to pay when we'll have to alter them anyway. So we went to Kohl's to see if they sell curtains. It turns out they just sell shower curtains. But as we walked through the kitchen section, we saw a lovely tablecloth that seemed to have the same green as my walls. We did some math and figured out that if we bought the biggest tablecloth it could be cut into four panels that would fit my kitchen windows. And the tablecloth was $30 on sale for $17! Way to go, Mom! The kitchen looks so nice now.

My mom went with me to Penny's yesterday for Erik's photo session. I wanted pictures of him in his beautiful lion sweater that he got for Christmas, but Erik was somewhat uncooperative. He didn't want to sit by himself and look at the stranger with the camera. He wanted to sit in my lap and chew on the camera. The photographer was very unenthusiastic about trying the tub shots we'd scheduled, given Erik's frustration level. I thought we should go for it and it turned out Erik loved being in his diaper in the tub. There were fun ducks and a fake bubble to play with. He didn't want to pose in his after bath hooded towel, though. The Smiles by Wire service is no longer available, so I can't post a link to the pictures. However, this photo of our proof printout should give you a little idea of the pictures we got. I think my favorite is of him looking over the side of the tub at the toys on the floor.

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