Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Kiss

Tuesday I tried to get Erik to kiss me when I said, "Give Mama a kiss". He thought it was very funny. Yesterday morning I said, "Give Mama a kiss" and before I could make a kissy mouth to show him, he kissed me! So all day long I said it and usually I needed to make a kissy mouth before he would turn and kiss me. It's so cute. Then today he had a runny nose so I didn't ask him to kiss me anymore!

Erik got a basketball hoop and balls last spring. He's enjoyed playing with the balls but really didn't get dropping the balls. Today I gave him one of his foamy tub letters (v) and he dropped it in the hoop! I clapped like a maniac and he did it about 20 times. It was so cool.

Erik also has a monkey who plays three bongo drums. He has long enjoyed hitting the balls down, but this week was the first time I've seen him put them back on the drum. It's so fun to see him picking up new skills.

That's the good news. Unfortunately, Erik seems to have choked on his own phlegm tonight in bed and had another first. His first throw up. Lucky for me, I was at the grocery store, so Joe rescued Erik, bathed him and called the nurse line. They seemed pretty sure it wasn't anything serious, just gross. So that's good. Erik was in good spirits and now has gone back to sleep (in the Pack n Play in our bedroom. All in all, a pretty exciting week!

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