Friday, February 02, 2007

More new tricks

This morning I offered Erik a rice cake which he spurned. I tried again, breaking it into a smaller piece. He took it and put it in my mouth! I ate it and gave him another which he fed to me again. So cute!

We were playing ball and he caught it so I said "give me five" and held out my hand. He gave me five and smiled. He did this a couple times.

I was folding some of Erik's laundry while he played in his house. When his fuzzy blanket that I swaddle him in for naps came out of the basket, I gave it to him to cuddle. He started pulling it over his face and we played peek a boo for a few minutes! This is the first time he's covered his face and been able to sort of initiate peek a boo, rather than pull the blanket of my or his face!


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