Sunday, May 10, 2015

soccer tournament

Erik is on what's called a "traveling" soccer team.  I guess that means we may have to travel for games and tournaments, although, being in the cities, the farthest we have to go is a 20 minute drive.  There was a tournament this weekend.  They played two games yesterday and two today.  I was only able to attend the last game of the tournament.  For this game, the head coach of the high school team coached Erik's team, Team Nigeria.  Team Nigeria scored four goals in the first half, and the opponents didn't score.  Erik played goalie in the second half.  Neither team scored in the second half.  It was pretty fun and everyone seemed to be trying their best and having a good time.  At dinner tonight Erik told us what the coach told them at half time.  He said since Team Nigeria had such a big lead, in the second half, they should focus on passing the ball instead of on scoring.  If the opposing team started scoring, Team Nigeria should go back to trying to score.  I am really impressed by this sportsmanship coaching.  I read so many stories of crazed youth sports, although I guess it is usually the parents that I read are crazy pushy.  We have only had good experiences ourselves, but today's coaching was a new level of kindness for me. 

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