Thursday, June 26, 2014

Piano lesson #2

The boys had their first piano lesson last week.  Last week's was a little exciting, because the teacher's neighborhood was flooding.  Driving straight to her apartment was fine, but when I missed the turn and went an extra block the road was closed off because it was flooded.  The lesson went ok.  It is a little confusing for the boys that she teaches in her home, so they feel they should be able to eat her bananas and play her Monopoly game. 

They were not terribly excited to do their homework this week, but she raved about how well they did when she had them show her their progress, so that made them feel good.  They had groused a bit during the week, saying they didn't want to take lessons.  They are somewhat motivated to learn to play though, ever since Joe bought a book of Star Wars songs for the piano. 

Adin had the first lesson.  He stayed more focused than last week and when he was done she gave him a sticker.  During Erik's lesson Adin wanted to get started on his homework.  When we drove home he said he loved it and wanted to have a piano lesson every day!

Erik was able to cover even more ground in his lesson.  She was really impressed and asked me if he'd learned the material in school.  I had no idea; Erik tells us nothing about music class, but when we asked him he said yes.  We'll have to tell his music teacher in the fall how it gave him a boost in piano lessons! 

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