Monday, June 30, 2014

Little League 2014

Erik's had a decent year of Little League.  He was enthusiastic during spring training and the beginning of the season.  They had a series of losses, however, and his enthusiasm waned.  They won a game last week, so he said that game was fun.  Then Sunday's game the score went back and forth and I actually think they ended up losing, but Erik thought they won and I certainly didn't want to correct him.  He said that game was fun, too.  Last night however, was a dud.  No one seemed to have much energy and his team never got a run.  I was proud of Erik, he made a couple of nice plays.  In one inning, he played second base and a ball went over his head into the outfield.  I don't know where the centerfielder was, but he wasn't in center field and didn't come over to get the ball.  Erik ran back and got the ball and threw it in.  As far as I could see from the stands he didn't make a fuss about it either, which is nice.  I enjoy going to the games and chatting with the other parents, but I'll be glad when the season is over, too.

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