Friday, May 30, 2014

Growing up

Tonight Erik was asking a lot of questions about how he can get rippling abs.  He didn't know what to call it though.  He would point to his stomach and ask how to make those things so you can see them.  He did a few sit ups before bed, in hopes that would help.  I told him 8 year olds aren't really supposed to have visible stomach muscles. 

Adin was having a little trouble getting to sleep.  I offered to play one of our CDs that help the boys relax at bedtime, either "The Sleep Fairy" or Putomayo Lullabies.  He said "no, I'm too old for that."  Pierce my heart, why don't you?  He's not to old to snuggle in my arms on the couch while I sing a lullaby, though. 

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