Saturday, January 04, 2014

January photos

 Adin was pretending to get ready for school.  He put on his winter coat and boots and grabbed his folder.  He thought it was pretty funny to go to school w/o pants. 
 After dinner, Erik ate about 5 cuties (small oranges).  Not to be outdone, Adin then ate about five oranges.  I cut the first two for him, he cut the rest for himself while I was helping Erik in the bath.
 Erik after his bath.  He loved this special towel wrapped around his head like a turban.  He is pretending to be a character from the TV show "Word Girl", who always yells, "Help, someone's robbing the jewelry store".  You can see some of the new tile in our shower/bath.  The new tile is white, and we used some of the old blue tiles for an accent line.
Adin loved his new hair do.

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