Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A change in his smile

Erik had a doc appt after school, so I picked the kids up when school was out at 2:55.  I was standing with Adin at his locker, he was talking and since I was looking down at him I could see his bottom teeth, and I said, "Adin!  You lost a tooth!"  He said, "No I didn't." as he touched the space.  He was so excited, he told everybody we passed in the hallway, which embarrassed Erik and he got grumpy.  Adin doesn't know when he lost the tooth, so I suggested maybe he swallowed it during lunch.  That is now the story he is telling people.  I also asked if one bite of his cheese enchilada was crunchier than the others and now that is also part of his official story. 

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