Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We're adjusting

Having two kids in school is as much of adjustment for me as it is for them, although it doesn't make me as tired and cranky.  The kids are settling in well.  Today was the first day Erik had homework, and although he was unenthusiastic, he did it all and was not upset when I pointed out one arithmetic problem he needed to redo.  It was interesting, on one side was a list of arithmetic problems, on the other side were word problems in Spanish.  He got the word problems correct, but when showing his work, he set up the problems incorrectly.  I'm not sure why that is.  His homework is more complicated this year, more different types.  We will have to work at staying organized so we don't accidentally miss something!

Adin has been thrilled to tell us what new Spanish words he's learning and will quiz us to see if we know them, too.  Now that reading is considered homework he complains about it, (where did he learn that?) but he still enjoys reading independently.  We can tell Adin is exhausted, because he is more emotional than usual, but starting school doesn't seem to have rocked his world as much as it did Erik when he started.

The kids thought it was funny that I missed them today, and turned on "Sesame Street" in the background while I did housework.  I told them what the first story was, and they enjoyed acting it out because it involved someone knocking down a friend out of eagerness. 

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