Wednesday, September 04, 2013

First day of school 2013

 Adin was happy as a clam to go to school and was happy as a clam when he came home again.  I asked if he learned any Spanish and he said, "abajo, arriba".  I think they sing a song on the way to lunch about hands up in the air (arriba) and hands down low (abajo).  He did a worksheet matching letters - b, p and d - tricky!

Erik was little happier the day he could come straight home, vs. the day he had to stay at after school care for an extra hour.  He has some math worksheets, and a couple friends gave him comics they'd written.  He thinks they don't make any sense.  (Unlike the ones he writes - eyes rolling.)  I was thrilled to read that they won't have homework for the first two weeks of school.  Yay!

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