Saturday, June 29, 2013

planning for the future

The kids and I walked to the park tonight.  On the way, Adin asked me, "How long until I can marry?"  I said, "hmm, maybe about 20 years, at least."  We thought for a while.  I was curious what or who he was thinking of, so I asked, "What kind of person do you think you'll marry?"  He answered, "A nice one."  Good answer.  We thought for a while.  He said, "I have three people in mind. One from Sunday School, one from day care, and one from preschool."  I knew who each of those little girls are, and they certainly are sweethearts. 

We shot some baskets at the park.  The hoops there are really great, you can turn a crank to raise and lower them!  We had it about 7 feet up and after a while, the kids begged me to lift them up so they could pretend to dunk.  Erik was pretending to be Kevin Love.  I don't remember if Adin was anyone in particular, but after many unsuccessful tries at shooting he decided he was a player that just passed the ball to taller players so they could shoot. 

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Unknown said...

20 years--hmm--if I live to 93,
maybe I could be a great grandma
after all!