Saturday, May 04, 2013

Calgon, take me away!

Erik and Adin had a bath tonight, and while I was sitting next to them reading, Adin managed to pour about half a bottle of bubble bath into the tub.  The water was pink.  When I looked up and commented, Erik said, "I know!  I tried to tell him to stop."  He must have been trying telepathically, because I didn't hear him say stop.  Oh well.  Erik got cold and got out of the tub, but Adin stayed and played longer.  He had me cover him with bubbles, and I think he looks like he should be in the 80's commercials for Calgon. 

Also, it seems Erik is a good enough reader now, that we have to keep an eye on his room after lights out at bedtime.  He was sitting up and reading when I came to check on him tonight.  Fortunately, after karate and baseball practice, he was pretty tired and fell asleep quickly.

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