Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adin's bedtime conversation

How long can cords be?

How do you make a trip line?

How did they carve Mount Rushmore into faces?

Knock knock.
Banana you glad I didn't say orange?

[all of this was just random, apropos of nothing]

Questions and comments from earlier in the week:

I think the moon might be cold, so I would wear a jacket if I was there.

I just noticed something.  We never see the people on shows going to church.

[sometimes he makes my brain hurt]


Mormor said...

If you watch the Hallmark Channel
at Holiday time, you will see a
lot of people going to church.
But they are mostly romantic
stories, so maybe you would be

Joe Lindell said...

Love that boy!

Joe Lindell said...

Love that boy!