Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Joe's birthday, Adin got to 'wrap' Joe's present by putting it in a gift bag.  At dinner, Joe said he wanted to wait to open the present after he ate.  Erik accepted this, but it was very hard for Adin.  He decided to give Joe a clue, "It rhymes with bunglasses".  I still giggle when I think about that clue. 

A couple weeks ago, we bought a kid sized basketball and we've been having fun with it. Earlier this week we took it to a park, but the basket was way too high and not adjustable.  So they ran around with it and had fun.  Erik came over and was wondering if after dinner we could go to the park with an adjustable basket.  I said we could if the weather was ok.  He looked thoughtful and said he knew the forecast, it was for one basketball.  I thought that was kind of strange but a little funny.  Erik then took the ball over to the tree, climbed up about four feet and dropped it.  One basketball fell, just as was forecasted!

Tonight I went to check on the boys after Joe tucked them into bed.  Erik was already asleep, but Adin was laying with heavy eyes looking thoughtfully at a picture he'd made in Sunday School last week.  He was as deep in thought as a four year old 30 seconds from sleep can be. 

I love these boys!

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