Monday, July 16, 2012

Norman Rockwell

When I woke up this morning, I laid in bed for 15-20 minutes, listening to the sounds of my kids playing together really nicely.  That play session did end in tears and a time-out, but you know, their problem solving skills are still developing! 

They pulled out the Legos and built together for a long time, which allowed me to clean up the kitchen.  Erik was very proud of himself for rebuilding a Fire Station by himself.  There's a chute attached, and he put some 'flames' in it, which Adin seemed to interpret at the Fire Station being on fire.  Adin ended up destroying the Fire Station, which made Erik a little sad, but we walked away and came back in a few minutes to clean up together.  They each had a section to clean up and really, they did great.

It's been vacation long enough that they are excited when I bring out left over worksheets from the school year for them to work on.  They both work on some letter writing, Erik begs to work on articulation, and then they do some coloring.  Today, the coloring was enthusiastic enough that I went outside to hang up laundry.  Amazingly, when I came back in, they were still playing together beautifully.  Right now they are the Avengers. 

I'm so happy with how this morning has gone!  If only it could last all day. 

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Mormor said...

So happy you had a good morning.
It's too hot for them to be
outdoors--which is very sad as
summer is supposed to be bike
riding and building forts and
playing in the pool. But if they
are learning to use their
imaginations indoors, that's
great. You are a good mama!